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HomeLife™ sales representatives know that selling a home can be a confusing and complicated process. This guide is designed to help buyers and sellers throughout the process.

About HomeLife™
Unparalleled Customer Service at HomeLife™

Founded in 1985, HomeLife™ Realty Services Inc. is one of the world's leading real estate franchisors with hundreds of affiliates and thousands of sales representatives providing Higher Standards™ service to buyers and sellers around the world.

Central to the success of HomeLife™ sales representatives is a Higher Standards™ Pledge – a commitment to professional conduct and excellent customer service. Along with a dedication to community involvement, the Higher Standards™ Pledge is an assurance to clients that HomeLife™ sales representatives are ethical, knowledgeable and caring. In addition, HomeLife’s™ Higher Standards™ Five Star Marketing System ensures properties are properly marketed – and sold! For the right price.

Why Choose a HomeLife™ Sales Representative?
The Higher Standards™ Difference

Given the complexity of a property sale or purchase, it pays to have a HomeLife™ Higher Standards™ sales representative to help. HomeLife™ sales representatives stand by their clients throughout the entire process.

Because sales representatives receive continuous training through HomeLife™ University they develop the Higher Standards™ required to maintain an industry-leading rate of repeat and referral business. Known for their enthusiasm and willingness to work, each HomeLife™ sales representative is trained and ready to help homeowners navigate the real estate process.

Part of HomeLife’s™ Higher Standards™ includes a ‘Pledge of Availability’, which ensures sales representatives are available whenever they are needed. Such dedication to customer service is the foundation of the Higher Standards™ promise – to provide better service, to gain more qualified sellers and to obtain the best possible price for your property.

HomeLife™ Knows Communities
Local Ties, Global Strength

As active members of the community, HomeLife™ sales representatives know local neighbourhoods. With offices throughout local communities, HomeLife™ Higher Standards™ sales representatives are knowledgeable on all the local amenities, such as shops, parks and schools. The community connections created by HomeLife™ sales representatives allow them to set attractive prices, locate qualified and passionate buyers and represent a home’s potential to its fullest extent.

Based on years of experience, HomeLife™ sales representatives will develop a home’s ‘distinct capacity’ through a tour with a professional sales team to determine its principal benefit. Whether a property contains a newly renovated kitchen or swimming pool, is accessible to excellent local schools and transportation or is in proximity to a golf course, discovering what makes a home different allows HomeLife™ sales representatives to break through the clutter of the competition to catch a seller’s eye. This community familiarity is just part of HomeLife’s™ commitment to customer service.

Comparative Market Analysis
Maximizing Market Value

The preparation of a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an important tool HomeLife™ Higher Standards™ sales representatives use to help sellers earn the highest price for a home. CMA’s involve looking at public records of real estate businesses in the community to better understand market conditions. There are four steps taken by a sales representative to prepare a home’s CMA:

  • A HomeLife™ sales representative will consider the amount paid for at least three recently sold homes in the community. These homes are comparable in size and, together, comprise a factual record of what buyers will pay.
  • The next step is to consider the asking prices of at least three properties presently listed in the community. Because these homes are similar to the one for sale, each operates as a benchmark against which the home will be priced.
  • A HomeLife™ sales representative then considers the asking prices of at least three houses in the community that went unsold for at least 90 days. Such homes illustrate the dangers of overpricing a property.
  • Then, such pricing information is gathered to arrive at an ideal asking price for a home to be sold.

Pricing Pyramid
How Price Affects Buyer Interest

When a home is priced above its market value, fewer buyers will show interest. In contrast, when a home is priced below market value, the number of interested buyers increases. In the end, the price set and interest created should reflect the seller’s goals.

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